21. Fornminne

Foto Bo Axhammar

För 6000 år sedan började våra förfäder att visa sig i Skandinaviens nordligare trakter.

En bit in i den här lövskogen gjorde arkeologer 1987 en undersökning av en förmodad boplats från stenåldern. Man hittade kvartsavslag och behandlade skärvstenar. Detta område var för 3 000 år sedan en ö. Det är tänkbart att fiskare använde platsen antingen som en permanent bosättning men mest troligt som en plats för tillfälligt uppehåll.

21. Ancient sites. The birth of the universe (Big Bang) occurred 14 billion years ago. Our solar system came into being 4 billion years ago. The first organisms developed in water 600 million years ago. At that time the period started, when our fossil fuels were formed, a period which would last for 500 million years. This is the stock of energy which we are consuming during some hundred of years. Our species, Homo Sapiens, made its first appearance in Africa, 200 000 years ago. Our forefathers reached Europe 40 000 years ago, and first began to appear in this northern area about 6 000 years ago. A little distance into this young forest, archaeologists discovered what they considered to be the site of a Stone Age settlement, with some quartz flakes and worked fire-cracked stones. At the time (an estimated 3 000 years ago), this area was an island. Because of this, fishermen may have used this site either as a permanent settlement or something more temporary. There is some uncertainty about this conclusion, since the discoveries could have other explanations.

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