22. Skogens bär

Foto Bo Axhammar

I dessa skogar växer blåbär och lingon. Bärplockning var vanligare förr, både för eget bruk och till avsalu. Nu kan vi i våra skogar träffa på bärplockare från fjärran länder. Endast tio procent av skogens bär tas till vara.

22. Forest berries. Both blueberries and lingonberries grow in these forests. In the past, it was common for families to earn a little extra by picking berries. However, the “hourly income” has in relative terms declined as years passed, and the motivation for this kind of work got weaker. As a result, berry pickers are now imported. In this area, you can find berry pickers from far away countries, such as Thailand. It is estimated that we utilize only ten percent of the amount of berries our forests produce.

Uppdaterad 8 Maj, 2021